Typically, South Indian recipes are considered for ‘Health-Conscious’ eating; but people will find that traditional recipes may use a lot of oil or ghee.

In recent trends, people living in cities have taken to dishes from the south. Recipes, however, vary; and there are a few ways to cook traditionally rich South Indian Dishes in a more healthy and nutritionally ‘Aware’ method.

Here are top 5 South Indian Recipes for the Health Concerned Foodie –

#1 – Masala Oats ‘Spring’ Uttapam: ‘Uttapam’ is commonly considered among the more oil-rich dishes from the south. Recipes may include a number of unique twists to preparing this well known delicacy; but using a combination of Oats and Semonila – you can actually get higher nutritional value from this popular breakfast food.

Also, there are ways to use little oil when cooking your Uttapam; so choose a South Indian recipe that will help you to cook a hearty breakfast, but using minimal oil or ghee.

#2 – Kerala Fried Fish: When mentioning ‘Fried’ in a discussion of ‘Healthy’ food – remember that nutritional sciences have changed the concepts of how we eat. Also, people rarely associate non-vegetarian foods as ‘Traditional’ food of the south.

Recipes for cooking Kerala Fried Fish may include various spice mixes and combinations – but only a few will be ‘healthy’ methods. Make sure you choose a way to cook this traditional South Indian recipe using very little oil, but still proper ‘Frying’!

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#3 – Menaskai: Among the foods that only a true foodie would recognize immediately, Menaskai is made using pineapples and coconut milk. While nutritionally, this typical dish represents the distinct magic of cuisine from the South; recipes may often use a lot of oil.

Since Menaskai involves using a lot of specific ingredients like sesame seeds, paprika, jaggery in careful proportion; make sure you actually view a video for this South Indian Recipe. Also remember to look for methods that teach you to avoid using any extra calories!

#4 – Green Gram and Egg Dosa: People would rarely associate the common South Indian recipe for Dosa to be cooked using ingredients like Egg. However, there are always new ways to cook a well known dish, and using Green Gram (Moong) and egg whites; you can make a healthy alternative of the traditional ‘Dosa’ from the South.

Recipes of Dosa usually use ground rice and dal – but using Moong and Egg Whites, you can cut down on calories; while cooking a high-protein breakfast that is easy to cook and quite filling.

#5 – Tomato Rasam: Known as one of the staple dishes on any table in South India, Rasam is a wholesome and healthy way to enjoy dal which is tasty and filling. For something tangy like the Tomato Rasam; look online for unique ways to cook this well-known dish from the South.

Recipes will vary; but if you look up traditional South Indian recipes – Rasam is also often cooked using a lot of ghee or coconut oil. Innovative culinary tricks and ingredients can help you improvise; and bring more ‘Zing’ to a staple dish like Rasam!

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