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A sports injury in Phoenix can happen to anyone at any time. Most people have experienced minor injuries, like sprains and pulled muscles, and recover on their own. Other injuries from overuse or trauma require professional medical intervention for proper healing.

Sports injuries can be caused by a number of things. Not warming up properly, exerting yourself beyond your current capabilities or using faulty equipment can lead to injury. Some common areas of the body affected are the hips, knees, ankles and feet.

Sports Injury in Phoenix Involving the Hips

Injuries affecting the hips and groin can be caused by a fall or contact to the area. Running side to side, starting and stopping too fast, or getting hit can result in bruises and strains. These types of injuries can usually be treated with therapy and rest.

A more serious sports injury in Phoenix is called a “labral tear.” This injury affects the ring of cartilage surrounding the hip socket. This cartilage supports and stabilizes the joint. If physical activity causes the cartilage to get pinched and tear, an operation may be needed to alleviate the pain and return the hip to its full range of motion. MRIs are used to diagnose the extent of the injury.

Sports Injury in Phoenix Involving the Knees

Knees can become painful for a number of reasons. Runners are especially susceptible to knee aches. Because the knee is a vulnerable part of the body when it comes to physical activity, athletes may experience kneecaps that move and run abnormally.

Your body weight, twisting, pivoting and absorbing contact, all predispose knees to injuries. In fact, the knee is the most commonly injured joint in the body.

Ligaments within a knee can become torn when affected by trauma. Football players, for example, are especially at risk of having their knee struck while being tackled. Non-contact injuries to the knee many times involve the anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL. ACL injuries result from twisting or landing the wrong way from a jump.

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Sports Injury in Phoenix Involving the Lower Legs, Ankles and Feet

Common injuries in the lower leg involve shin splints, calf strain, Achilles tendinitis, sprains and fractures. In an ankle sprain, the athlete experiences swelling, bruising and pain. If not too serious, the sprained ankle can be treated at home with rest, ice applications, elevation and compression. A more serious ankle injury in Phoenix may require physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Stress fractures in the foot are another frequent sports injury in Phoenix. Repeated concussion on the ground of an athlete’s feet can cause pain that requires x-ray diagnostic. These types of injuries are more typical in distance runners and basketball players.

If any injury to the ankle or foot is not recovering within two days, you need to see your doctor. For example, if you can’t stand or put weight on your foot or ankle in a day or two, it’s time to seek medical help.

How to Protect Your Hips, Knees Ankles and Feet from a Sports Injury in Phoenix

Your legs are more vulnerable to overuse and injury from physical activity. To protect yourself, it’s important to wear shoes designed specifically for your activity. If you have issues with your feet, like flat feet or high arches, insert supports into your footwear. Also, brace your ankles to improve your stability.

Perhaps the most important guideline for avoiding a sports injury in Phoenix is to warm up properly before you exercise of participate in sports. Start slowly and increase your activity level in a gradual manner. And, participate in activities appropriate for your skill level. Following these simple guidelines can reduce the risk of any type of sports-related injury.

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