Electrotherapyis a technique that is increasingly used in pain management. Here, electrical current is applied to the affected areas in order to provide relief from pain and to help in recovery from injuries. There are a number of products that use electrical stimulation such as microcurrent stimulators, TENS units, muscle stimulators, conductive garments, trigger point stimulators, non-prescription TENS, TENS accessories, interferential stimulators, ultrasound, infrared, and iontophoresis, etc.

Electrotherapy is widely used by physical therapists, doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, trainers, athletes, and acupuncturists etc.This is a technique that was initially developed by Guillaume Duchenne who made a startling discovery that alternating current or AC was far more effective than direct current or DC since this helped in triggering therapeutic muscular contractions.

Micro current measures millionths of an amp and the TENS unit as well as other electrotherapies tend to produce milliamps that are 1000 times greater. This micro current therapy is also referred to as MENS or micro current electrical neuromuscular stimulation. This is one of the Medical stimulators that help in stimulating the growth of cells in a natural and safe manner. This in turn helps in the process of cell renewal and healing. The electricity that is passed is millionth of an Amp and it can hardly be felt by most people.

A mild electrical current is introduced by the practitioners of micro current therapy, into the area where the soft tissue is damaged. This helps in healing the damaged tissue. Electrodes are used to apply the electrical current, where these electrodes are coated with gel.

The basic principle on which it works is the biologic resonance. Micro current frequencies can alter the structure of the tissue when the frequency is right. The resonance with the tissue will help in changing the structure of the tissue and once that is done it will remain in the new configuration.


Micro current stimulation is FDA approved and is used by therapists the world over. It is extensively used in rehabilitative care to promote healing of wounds as well as transplanted tissues. This has also been used extensively in pain management.

TENS is basically transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation that helps in sending mild electric current intermittently to the specific nerves. This mild current helps in generating heat in order to relieve pain and stiffness. It also helps in improving mobility and aids in the production of endorphins which are the natural pain killers in the body.

The TENS unit is generally applied to relieve pain due to different health conditions or illnesses. It is very often used to treat pain in the joints, muscles, or bones. Such pain normally occurs due to fibromyalgia or osteoarthritis. However, it may also be used in treating lower back pain, bursitis, or tendinitis as well. It has also been effectively used to treat labor pain as well as pain in cancer patients.

Ultrasound is yet another common therapy that is used in chiropractic care. This is basically high frequency sound that is inaudible to the human ear. It is also termed as therapeutic ultrasonography in alternative medicine. All these electrotherapy stimulators are highly effective in pain management.